Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Afternoon Cigars

I smoked a Nub Cameroon as I passed the halfway point in Death of the Family by Christopher J. Green.  This is a new book on the topic of cultural marxism.  It speaks directly to the core Ushanka warning: that a communist takeover can only occur once traditional family values and religious values are sufficiently diluted.  I'll post a review here shortly.

Cigar #2 was a Romeo as I played two games of chess with Zhukov, who brought a RP Sun Grown.  He had the white pieces.

Zhukov marched down the board in Game #1 as if he was headed into Berlin.  It wasn't even fair.

However, in game #2 (pictured), I reminded Zhukov that #BlackLivesMatter as I overcame Zhukov's white privilege with a brilliant flanking move.

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