Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Ushanka Promise and RedState

My promise to Ushanka's three loyal readers:
I promise I will never lib-out.
If the GOP establishment and I ever share the same opinion on a matter, it will be because they adjusted to my view. 

The big news on FB and the blogs today is RedState blog's uninviting of Trump from their upcoming debate.  RedState is one of those commercial blogs that I avoid as they share the same blandness of the sell-outs in the old media.  Want to hear a real opinion?  Go to a blog that doesn't have ads. 


Apparently RedState blogger Erick Erickson got his panties in a bunch over his interpretation of a comment Trump made about FoxNews debate moderator Megyn Kelly.  This, in turn, reminded me of a favorite South Park episode.

I didn't watch the debate and I never visit any MSM news outlets, so I can only go by what I see in the new media and what my FB comrades tell me.  Apparently, Megyn abused her role as the debate moderator.  The critics are saying she was unprofessional in general, and disrespectful to Trump specifically.

Apparently the candidates are all ranked the same after the debate.  But Megyn has dropped a notch among conservatives.  And Erick has dropped a few notches.  This has been good for a couple reasons:
1) Turn up the pressure even the slightest, and you'll learn who the weak among us really are, and
2) I get to stand on Erick's ashes and remind everyone that I am not beholden to any advertiser, candidate, or old-media outlet.

My take on Trump to this point:
1) He is the only candidate who showed up with a plan,
2) He threatens MSM and RedState ad revenue with a quick nomination,
3) He has more energy than all the others, combined,
4) He threatens the GOP establishment, RINO's and RedState,
5) His anger (not his politics) makes him the closest to a Tea Party candidate as we'll get,
5) He is not my [current] favorite, but he'll get my vote if nominated.
My only other involvement in the primaries, so far, is my GOP Rankings work.  Take a gander.

UPDATED 10 minutes later...

Trump responds to the RedState un-invite:
. . . not only is Erick a total loser, he has a history of supporting establishment losers in failed campaigns so it is an honor to be uninvited from his event. Mr. Trump is an outsider and does not fit his agenda.
Go read it all.


Anonymous said...


I speak as a former Republican.

They cannot and will not help themselves.

I can understand adopting a R tactically to advance the anti-collectivist agenda, but the party and 90% of its members are beyond help.

They are, at root, more interested in electoral results than in advancing freedom and opposing collectivism.

I would respectfully submit that the only principled "vote" in 2016 for a freedomista is NOTA or BFYTW.

None of the above.

Or Because Fuck You, That's Why.

Your ally,


Karl said...

I hear ya CA.

I'm not voting "R" because I "believe." I'm voting "R" because it is my way of swinging as I'm going down. You offer another swinging option, but I cannot NOT participate.

I visit WRSA daily to make sure I'm ready for the day when swinging no longer makes sense.