Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tab Clearing

Of the 7 articles I captured last week, here are the ones I'd recommend:

  Comrade Aaron Clarey posted this one at his blog, Captain Capitalism:  How Socialism Makes Women Barren.  Another excellent post about the demands of society of our youth, and the costs of those demands.  He asks women:
...before you get all angry at me for being the messenger telling you biological truths, you need to look back and ask who and what made it so it was basically impossible for you to have children and raise a family in today's society.
Who predominantly controls academia and benefits from you postponing your life another 4-6 years?
It's the left.
It is the left who wants to enslave you at a school where you learn nothing till you're 18.
It is the left who mandates you into thinking you need a college education to have any worth in this society.
It is the left that tells you you are oppressed and need to be freed, replacing your family with a career.
It is the left that convinces you to ignore the biological programming and demands of the (necessary) half of humanity needed to bring and raise children in this world.
And it is the left that tells you you need to spend money on stupid crap to have fulfillment in life.

The libertarian at Free-Man's Perspective criticizes us who "pour their time and money into the sewer of politics, to be lost forever" by writing a 4 page rant on said topic.  The title, It’s 460 AD in Rome: This Won’t Be Fixed," suggests the article will show parallels of one failed state with America.  Quite a valuable exercise for those of us wondering if America can recover from its recent decline.  He offers some excellent quotes from a Roman citizen, Salvan.  But he then spirals into Hillary and Chelsea Manning, names that do not belong in a 4-page post on the end of America.  He closes with suggesting we "start building something better."  Maybe he'll tell us what that is in a future post.

Francis W. Porretto at Liberty's Torch has a better post on the topic: Let It Burn:” After The Conflagration, Then What?
The number of revolutions that were followed by a state of affairs freedom lovers found preferable is very small.
Unless what collapses the existing regime also eliminates 98% to 99% of the population of this country, such men will still exist, and will strive to continue the substance of what came before. There may be a change in form, possibly a quite dramatic one. A change in substance is far less likely.
However firm you may be in your conviction that the status quo cannot be repaired by conventional means -- that it simply must fall to make room for something better -- don’t root for it. Especially, don’t work actively to collapse it in perfect confidence that what follows simply must be superior.

Vanderleun at American Digest has an excellent proposal to remind the world of the destructive capabilities of nuclear weapons: set one off.  I second the proposal, endorse his reasoning, and would even add another reason: it'd be an opportunity to test older components and verify EMP and other effects that have only been modeled on super-computers.  Hiroshima Day - or- Nukes: Time for a Live Demo:
What we need to do this is: "The Live Demo." By this I mean we need to find a small island or deserted space somewhere on the planet and sacrifice it for the greater good by setting off one, just one, low-yield thermonuclear device in the atmosphere for all the world to see.
I can assure you that having the entire world tune in for "The Live Demo" -- and the whole world will tune in -- shall give the entire planet pause. It's not enough for humans to be told about nukes. Every so often, we need to see to believe.
Related: Check out NukeMap.  Place a 'small' detonation on your home town, or 90 miles SW from your home town, and see what happens. 

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