Friday, August 21, 2015

Colin Flaherty Censored UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 8.17.15 5pm]

Author Colin Flaherty's YouTube account was closed last Thursday.  WND has the full story.

He posted videos of black-on-white crime.

No racism.  No criminal intent.

Just a never-ending series of videos that support his concerns that
1) black-on-white violence is growing, and
2) the politicized media is purposely ignoring it.

I hope he turns this attack on free speech into some extra $$$.

And I hope to see a Vimeo channel soon.

Colin's Amazon Page.

UPDATED & BUMPED 8.21.15 7pm

I just communicated with Mr. Flaherty.  He tells me Vimeo has closed his account too.

It looks like the author is in stage 3...

UPDATED 8.22.15

He has a new YouTube account.  I don't know the details on how he made this happen.  Congrats Comrade Flaherty.

UPDATED 8.24.15

It'd be nice of me to share a link to his new YouTube account - here.

UPDATED 8.28.15:

Now YouTube is threatening Captain Capitalism's channel.

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