Monday, August 24, 2015

Tough Market News UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post Friday 8.21.15 11am]

It has been a rough week on the market.  Gold has only gone up 3.5%.  What gives?

Here is a screenshot I just took at MW:

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UPDATED 4:30pm:

Quite the day.

Some are saying "I told you so."  Some are saying "buying opportunity."  Some are blaming China.  Some are going to spend the weekend wondering if they should get out on Monday.

My unprofessional opinion:
  • The markets were over-valued and they had to come down.  
  • The markets are still over-valued.
  • It isn't China's fault.  China just jumped onto the devaluation bandwagon that we started.  
  • China's devaluation (measly 3%) just reminded everyone that there are other forces at play besides a company's revenue, profit and growth rate.


When the S&P500 Futures trading is halted for the first time in history, you know its bad.  I guess we know what investors decided to do over the weekend after Friday's down day.



Some of the things I'm going to be listening for before I get worried:
  • Obama announces he will intervene in the markets.
  • "More QE"
  • "Unusual activity in the derivatives markets..."
  • The Dept. of Justice announces a crackdown on speculators (people who saw this coming).

The last time I saw the market act like this, I lost my shirt in the dot-com bubble.  Same thing: rapid ups and downs, and the MSM cheerleaders saying "buying opportunity" and "spike coming."  Only years of despair followed.

Today's futures hinted we'd have a 4% spike.  We had a 2% spike, but ended the day 1% down.

We are only 4 business days into this slump and everyone is blaming China.  China devalued their currency 3% a couple weeks ago because they were tired of the US devaluing its currency and exporting inflation to China. 

Really?  We're going to blame another country for the performance of companies in our country? 

This from educated people who know better.

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