Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Censorship Begins

In Obama's America, some free speech is more free than other free speech. And the free speech that exposes the vacuousness of liberalism is free speech we can do without.

Three recent cases of censorship at YouTube:

Two weeks ago I noted YouTube's censorship of author Colin Flaherty's channel.  He posted a black-on-white mob attack that happened here in Cincinnati.  Faces were blurred out in the video, but that didn't stop YouTube for citing its Terms of Service and closing Colin's account.  (You can read more about Cincinnati's Race Problem in my recent article at American Thinker.)

I updated that same post with Comrade Aaron Clarey's video where he warned his viewers that his account may soon disappear.  He explains with colorful language:

And today, Comrade Joe Dan of Intellectual Froglegs, tells his FB friends that he too is meeting resistance at YouTube.  YouTube blocked his latest video, which can be seen here.

And ABC:

Earlier this week a gay black Obama voter shot and killed two former white co-workers, then he killed himself.  Always doing things out of order, these liberals.

ABC refuses to release his suicide note/manifesto.  The consensus:  It is full of liberal, racist, Democrat Party drivel about victimhood.  What's missing: his acknowledgement that it was Affirmative Action that helped him get his media jobs, jobs more qualified applicants were denied.  Maybe I'm wrong, but ABC's censorship seems to support these theories.

Censorship of conservative thought will only get worse:

As I've said before, YouTube and other social media sites are our best tools.  Every word that drips from the lying mouths of liberals, and RINOs, is preserved forever.  The complaints you'll hear as the election cycle ramps up will be the same as in other recent elections: "Stop using my words against me."

Comrades, we are going to have to connect in the coming days outside of these social media outlets.  If Ushanka were to disappear tomorrow, how would we communicate?  If we haven't connected on email, you will be cut off from my thoughts, and I yours.  I make it a point to connect with other like-minded comrades, and you should too.  Here I am with Aaron, and Joe Dan.

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