Thursday, August 06, 2015

Deep Thoughts

More info about that poor guy who got shot during a traffic stop here in Cincinnati a few weeks ago.
He tried to drive away during the traffic stop.
He had 12 kids.
He had 2lbs of pot in the car.
He had several thousand dollars cash in the car.
The cop did something stupid, once, and lost his career and may go away for a long time. The dead guy, apparently, was stupid 24/7 his entire life.

If we held everyone to the same standard... that guy would be alive in some jail right now, and that cop would still be on duty.

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David said...

I think the shooting was a negligent discharge on the part of the officer. Watching the video, you can see the officer with his gun out and held in one hand, while reaching into the car (to shut it off?) with the other.

As the driver starts the car forward, the gun discharges, likely from a parasympathetic reflex...when the left hand closes trying to grab keys, the right hand closes and squeezes the trigger. Could have also been startle response from the unexpected motion of the car.

Negligent? Probably. Murder? No.

The key point for those of us who live in this area is that if a jury only convicts on the lesser charge...which I believe is what they should do in this case...we're probably going to see some Ferguson/Baltimore action.