Friday, July 31, 2015

GOP Websites

I'm getting ready for tomorrow's unveiling of our first GOP Rankings Report.  I've visited every candidate's website today to find promises and specific plans.  I know it is early, but frankly, I'm disappointed.

Here is my review of those sites.  Which ones have a tab called "Issues?"  And, of those, which candidates have specific promises and plans?

Did any of these candidates know they were going to run for president?  If so, you'd think they'd review the main campaign issues and make a principled stand on each.  Each website looks like each candidate got the idea to run a week ago.

I'm just a political novice here, so my opinion doesn't mean sh*t.  But one may conclude that the candidates who don't say where they stand on issues like taxes, abortion, open borders, etc., may not have a stand.

Most of these sites are lowest common denominator.  I was pleasantly surprised by two: Rubio's and Paul's.

Swing by again tomorrow to see the GOP Rankings report.  I suspect I will be as enlightened by the results as you.

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