Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The 43-Minute Refresher

Stephen Molyneux adds to the class-warfare knowledge base.  (The first half is great, the second half loses focus and turns into an Ayn Rand chat.)

Recommended viewing for:
1) All young people considering a vote for the Democrat Party, and
2) All liberals who think they are independent thinkers.
I like his comments on government education.

The hatred of any group in which you strip free will is horrifying.  It is a drug.

Socialist artists are literally drug dealers. They are giving the endorphins of 'no responsibility' through words, through words, to the poor.  They're like the skivy guys on street corners that say "hey man, you feeling bad about your life?  I've got some determinism right here man.  This is the good stuff.  Man, this is the good stuff.  It has lots of syllables.  It goes all the way back to the Greeks...."
Imagine this, right now.  Imagine writing a novel or a movie and the rich guys were really all wise and smart and considerate and humane.  And the poor people were all selfish, greedy irresponsible assholes.  Imagine that.

People would think you were insane.  Because the poor have become a protected class.

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