Thursday, July 02, 2015

Tim Cook's Apple

Tim Cook's Apple:

More Gay. Less Innovation.

College Humor nails the innovation criticism in today's video (NSFW - Language):

Apple's focus since Steve Job's death has moved from innovation to homosexual bullying of Christians and other people not in a protected class.  Because of this, they are deserving of this criticism as well:

(Background: Indiana's religious freedom law, allowing a baker to say "no" to baking a cake that goes against his religious beliefs, triggered a boycott from Apple.  More than one meme-maker called "hypocrisy" on a company that continued to sell in nations where gays are jailed or worse.)

Apple has every right to support whatever agenda its board allows.   My reason for this post is not to criticize so much as it is to say "goodbye."  Apple, like America, is in decline and it is depressing to watch.

I've already replaced my Apple laptop with a PC.  I will do the following with my iMac soon.  My iPhone contract expires soon, and I have already decided to move to an android phone.  I use my iPad more, now, as I transition my reading from physical books to Kindle ebooks.  The Kindle app is one of only a few apps that I use and so a future upgrade to a Kindle device may be an option.

My move away from Apple products have more to do with quality - boot times on ALL take longer with each "upgrade" - and less to do with the promotion of homosexuality.  But I would argue that they are linked:  Embracing the dilution of family and religious values with their homosexual agenda has emboldened Apple to cause value dilution in the areas of customer service and innovation.

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Go with a Blackberry - far better - better security, better battery-time etc.