Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mr. Jobs, RIP

Steve Jobs: one of our two favorite business leaders, and the only one who is real.

Dead at 56. Will we see another business leader like him again?

Steve narrates this Think Different commercial back in 1997, but it is really just his autobiography in one minute.

Our other Steve Jobs posts: Our Tribute post in February, and our response to his resignation in August.

From Big Government, a great cartoon:

and the announcement that Westboro Church will protest Jobs' funeral. Mike Flynn:

The fringe crazies at Westboro Church are going to protest Steve Jobs’ funeral for…well, for reasons I can’t possibly explain. As best I can tell, they believe this titan of capitalism should have done more to support their particular religious views. I don’t know. But, their tweet is delicious…

UPDATED 5:30pm

UPDATED 6.14:  The video above has been taken offline.  Here is the audio of Steve Jobs narrating "The Crazy Ones" commercial, played after his death at the Cupertino campus.

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