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38 Dead on Wall Street UPDATED 6x & BUMPED

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No, not the Obama Re-Election Committee "Occupy Wall Street" liberals progressives communists that are there this week. We're talking about their fore-fathers. The Communist infiltrators in 1920.

September 16, 1920 - a horse-drawn carriage conceals a large bomb. It is detonated at Broad and Wall Streets in New York. 38 Dead, 400 injured with 143 of them seriously.

It was the second attack on the United States from Soviet-backed communists. The first attack came a year earlier in numerous mail bombs. All but one were discovered and disabled. The one blowing the hands off of Georgia Senator Hardwick's housekeeper.

In short, the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd are showing how far the American Communist has fallen. In 1919-1920 it was the "Red Scare" with the bombings and the Soviet-funded agitation. Today, it is the 'privatization of banks'? You mean the banks that have been private all these years?


The seeming aimlessness of the Wall Street protestors may reflect that they are raging against their own machine. Their political favorites ran all of Washington until January, and many of their policies have been passed or implemented via regulation: national health care, turning big banks into public utilities, huge increases in government spending, green energy subsidies and regulations to kill fossil fuels. We sympathize with their frustration at the sad economic results of all this, but if the protestors want something better they might try joining the tea party.

Our fellow bloggers have been joining the chorus of accusing NYPD of aggressive tactics. We've taken the opposite view and assumed that with the density of officers, they are behaving correctly and that the protester videos are edited to show only part of the story. We have no doubt the pepper-sprayed girls were told to move and were warned - it just isn't in the videos.

Here is a video of the officers asking people to leave the bridge. They did not, and 700 were arrested.

WeaselZippers has a list of the 13 demands. Marx would be proud of the demands, but would hide in shame if he saw this poorly executed operation.

WeaselZippers also reports that MoveOn.Org is supporting this Obama Re-Election Rally protest.

NiceDeb has some great commentary and video:

There is a reason many in the center-right have been ridiculing #occupywallstreet as clueless, incoherent children who don’t seem to have seem to have the slightest idea how detached from reality their message/argument/vision – whatever is.

We found this image at EnglishRussia. Translated:

We are young followers of Lenin's doctrine.

How timely. Some other old Soviet posters there too.

Other images found at Gothamist.

These kids have some super-supportive parents. All that money for a Sociology education, and they go and skip class.

UPDATED 10.4 10am

Click Here to see a collection of photos from the protest. Here's one showing two generations of Democrat voters:

And at Prof. Jacobson's blog:

The “Richest 5%” Are The New Kulaks

History shows, the top 5% doesn't catch all the state's enemies, and must be expanded in order to move the Dictatorship of the Proletariat to pure Communism.

UPDATE 10.5 11am

Walls of the City reports some participants quit their jobs "to come and protest about… people not having jobs?" Yep.

EnglishRussia has some photos from a precursor to our Occupy Wall Street demonstration. Here is one that stood out:

Same message. Shorter hair. More soap.

UPDATE 10.6 10:30am

EnglishRussia posts some black & white photos today. Not sure, but it appears these are from the current Occupy Wall Street marches. Can anyone confirm?

And o'Reilly is having fun at their expense too. This video found at Moonbattery:

And from a Facebook friend:

UPDATE 10.8 4:45pm

Remember when we were told the Egypt freedom fighters Muslim Brotherhood riots were 'what democracy looks like'?

Jim Treacher on Facebook:

This is what democracy smells like!

From UK MailOnline:

And from IOTW:

UPDATE 10.9 6pm

The core reason for the protest, as described by Bookworm Room:

It’s pretty clear that a core issue animating these protesters is the ridiculous debt obligations that they voluntarily assumed.
Student loans started out as a good idea. The GI Bill got the whole thing started... What most people forget now is that the GI Bill was payment for services rendered. In that way, it differed dramatically from student loans, which are payments for . . . what?
...the student loan program has given young people the completely unfounded and unreasonable belief that their current economic situation and future earning potential are irrelevant to their academic choices.
...the loans have expanded greatly the number of young people who can be indoctrinated in Marxist crap by grossly overpaid professors at America’s “finest” schools. ... The demands are unicorn and fairyland stuff, made possible only by immersion in the academic world of Marxist fantasy.
...the loans have created a self-entitled group of people who, rather than pay off their debt, feel that it’s totally appropriate for them to attack others’ financial livelihood, as they’re doing now when they try to interfere with our nation’s economic core.
Just as the Vietnam war protests had nothing to do with actual principles, and everything to do with a spoiled generation’s fear of the draft; so too do today’s protests in America’s financial centers have nothing to do with concerns about America’s economy, and everything to do with deadbeat kids who willingly took on an unreasonable amount of debt, and are now facing the financial consequences for their cupidity and stupidity.

The Looking Spoon has a top ten list of things you may hear at the protests. Our favorite:

3. We won't rest until the rich are paying our fair share.

And finally, Bob chimes in:

UPDATE 10.10 9:30am

Via Zombie:

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