Friday, July 17, 2015

It Was Another Terrorist Attack on US Soil

This guy...

...attacks two Marine Corps recruiting stations in Chattanooga yesterday, killing four Marines and wounding a responding police officer.  The White House and the old media immediately consulted the Newspeak process for a terrorist attack:

The process above would apply to 9/11 just as it applies to yesterday's attack.  According to this process, there is no difference.  The only difference is the man in the white house.  One knew exactly what the attack was and spoke the truth, the other also knew exactly what it was but can't be trusted to tell the truth.

First, heartfelt Ushanka condolences to the families of those Marines.  They hold their breath when their sons are overseas, then relax when they are serving here at home.  The shock must be two-fold and I can only imagine their grief.

Second, FB is abuzz about the recruiting stations being gun-free zones.  True, but I have to step in here to say that is not relevant in this shooting.  (Although it is an issue that must be fixed.)  Anybody outside the offices - where the shooter attacked from - could carry in that gun-friendly state.  It is a shame nobody was.  I'd rather we focus on the threat from Islam, the open-border policy of the dear leader, and on the incompetence of our impotent security agencies which have been poised since April 2009 to react to a deadly wave of violence from internal enemies.  Of the citizen, white, conservative variety...

The Marines were ambushed by a rifleman.  Ambush: you're only option is to react.  Rifleman:  rifle beats pistol nearly all of the time.  I wish the Marines were carrying concealed handguns - on principle.  Self-defense is a God-given right, acknowledged by our founders in the Constitution.  The Marines were not the first recruiters to be targeted by Islam.  But behind commercial glass, in the ambush kill zone and without any warning - I don't think pistols would have mattered.

Daily Caller lists (poorly) 7 terrorist attacks - one for each year since our dear leader took an oath to protect the United States against enemies foreign and domestic.

In 2008 Amb. John Bolton was asked in an interview if he thought Obama could protect the US from another terrorist attack.  He had a great answer, and a gracious answer, which was: "I don't know.  But we will all know if he did after he leaves office."

I'm not so gracious.  I am realistic in that no one man can prevent all terrorist attacks through policy alone.  But this is what I also know: When the Chattanooga police were called yesterday, they responded to the active shooter by swarming the scenes and shooting that terrorist dead within minutes.  Had the Marines called this white house for help instead, we know for a fact that they would have been put on hold for 8 hours.

UPDATED 7.18.15 1:30pm:

A fifth victim has died.  Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith.

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The jihadist worked at a nuclear power plant and made several trips to the middle east, but those aren't enough to warrant any attention from the Department of Homeland Security.

UPDATED 7.19.15 2:30pm:

Man stands guard outside recruiting station in Virginia. 

UPDATED 7.21.15 4:30pm:

More standing guard in Tyler Texas.

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Tots said...

I'm in the mood to write a diatribe about how "Wonderful" the NSA data collection is at protecting us from attacks. I just saw on Fox how the government is talking about how difficult it is to sort through the data collected.

Obviously an excellent reason to abuse our God given rights. #Not

It's only good for political blackmail and thought police enforcement.