Friday, July 31, 2015

Quote of the Day

Scott McKay at Hayride has a great post on his transition from "choice" to "life".  I'd call it very mild, and very respectful - far more so than anything I'd write on the Planned Parenthood's current scandal.  It is also very thoughtful and thorough.  Having said that... I really liked these two passages:
That’s what that industry is about. They kill kids, and they lie their asses off about it. At some point you’ve got to stop and recognize this industry for what it is.
And now we have these videos, which don’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know about Planned Parenthood. That’s an organization begun by a genocidal racist which has deliberately preyed on minority communities, and it tells the kinds of lies your standard lefty only fantasizes about evil Wall Street corporations telling. Now we know, with pretty difficult evidence to contradict, that what Planned Parenthood really amounts to is a criminal billionaire outfit which takes hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to dupe women into killing their kids for spare parts they’re selling. And when someone comes along to show this to the American people, the Democrat politicians that criminal billionaire outfit has bought turn around and begin a criminal investigation into the whistleblowers.
It is nice to see Scott coming around. Better late than never.  But I doubt many are joining him.  The "choice" people long ago rationalized the act of abortion - the act of killing a baby.  In Hillary-speak, I have to assume they would ask: What difference does it make what they do with the baby's body afterwards? 

Embarrassed?  Yes.  Permanently shifting to pro-life?  Wishful thinking.

Scott links to another great write up from Matt Walsh on FB.

Greg, a self-identifying Libertarian, makes a good point I haven't heard elsewhere:

Another point I haven't seen anyone take up yet: How does, or will, the Planned Parenthood scandal impact the campaigns of pro-choice GOP'ers? 

There are Republican voters who vote on other issues who are getting fired-up about the baby-part black market, and candidate's positions on abortion may become more important than originally expected.

Fiorina has been the most vocal on this scandal, but I think she is pro-choice.  So is her outrage genuine, or is she taking the offense with the hope she'll avoid having to take the defense?

Pop quiz: Who was the last pro-choice Republican president?

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