Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Obama is making deals outside the US because he is blocked from doing anything domestic, thanks to a Republican congress.  Bash the RINOs all you want - and you won't find me in disagreement - but they do serve a purpose.  They are the next best thing to an activist conservative congress, something we are trending towards. 

The announcement today was Obama and his gimp, Kerry, gave away the kitchen sink and came back with a piece of paper.  For the affirmative-action/lowest-common denominator Democrats, this is 'progress' and an 'achievement.'  They have no sense of history or consequences, and they have no love for America.

Wasn't it a Democrat who blocked steel exports to Japan and forced their hand in WWII?  Was it not the same Commander in Chief who parked destroyers and carriers in perfect lines at Pearl Harbor too.  Luckily the latter were out to sea that December morning.

And Carter - the 2nd worst president in US history - got away with similar crap with the SALT talks.  Remember the Cyrus Vance capitulation re: Backfire Bombers?  To get the Soviets to sign SALT II Secretary of State Vance allowed the Soviets to classify their strategic Backfire Bombers as regional bombers.  To do so, the bomber's radius (50% of its range) was considered its full mission range for treaty purposes.  The Soviets - with a full history of cheating, lying and aggression - also agreed to deploy their Backfire Bombers in non-strategic roles.  Those communists invaded Afghanistan six months later and derailed the treaty.

And let's not forget Mr. Impeachment who vowed North Korea would be kept from developing nuclear weapons.  Here is a great pic that is making the rounds today:

I was at the DMZ in February 1994 1993, two days after the North announced their intention to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

I didn't know what a Republican or Democrat was back then, but I saw Communism up close and personal, albeit briefly.  I did know evil - some occurring near that bridge behind me back in August 1976.

It is a good thing Netanyahu understands evil too - probably one of the very few who understands the destructive power of a nuclear weapon.  If Israel acts, and I hope they do, we'll hear words like "rash" and "overkill" from the whiny crowd in the MSM.  Better than the alternative.

UPDATED 7.15.15:

Correction.  I was in South Korea in February 1993.

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David said...

Missed you at the DMZ by a couple of months in '94. I was the commander of C/2-7 ADA (PATRIOT) when we deployed to the ROK in response to the North's withdrawal from from the NPT. My battery was deployed on Osan, and I visited the DMZ a couple months later...it was certainly an eye-opener.

Karl said...

Comrade David, I realized I was a year off. I was at Team Spirit in Feb 93, not 94. I hear the memory is one of the first things to go....

Thank you for your service. South Korea duty has the reputation for being the hardest for a reason.

David said...

Summer of '93 I was OIC of the fire control section of that same PATRIOT battalion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Thank you for your service as well.