Thursday, July 16, 2015


So now we learn Planned Parenthood sells body parts from their aborted babies.  Maybe it would be best for all of us if Planned Parenthood would just tell us what they don't do inside their facilities.

If only Trump were pro-life.  With that mouth he'd have the nomination wrapped up.  If there was ever a topic to debate, and a person to lead the criticism....

Isn't it telling when you see a Democrat Party wholly-owned enterprise?  Planned Parenthood.  Detroit.  ACORN.  Public schools.  Benghazi.  Old media.  Slavery.

I've updated my comparison spreadsheet with the latest numbers.  It is odd how zGermans get the reputation for efficiency, no?

Images redistributed from FB Comrades.  Abortion data: Number of Abortions.

UPDATED 7.18.15 1pm:

Comrade Stilton's latest work:

UPDATED 7.19.15 6:30am:

Comrade Ann Barnhardt tweeted a link to Stem Express, the middle-man for all your fetus organ needs.  Here is a screenshot in case it disappears...

UPDATED 7.21.15 4pm:

Another video emerged today.  This time a very smug and bitter Dr. Mary Gatter was negotiating the price for harvested baby body parts.

Planned Parenthood is complaining these videos represent a constant abuse from critics:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Planned Parenthood told Congress Monday that a secretly recorded video released last week by an anti-abortion group is fraudulent and part of a years-long pattern of illegal harassment aimed at prohibiting abortion.
Ghouls, you ain't seen nothing yet.


Anonymous said...

The only reason I can think of why anyone would want a baby liver would be to eat it. Why am I not surprised?

Karl said...

I agree, but am confused why the Planned Parenthood folks didn't keep all the liver for themselves, their friends, their pets and their modern art.

Perhaps a surplus?

Cracker Annie Mouse said...

There is no defense for such unspeakable acts. Brilliantly stated and noted, what a great post and comment, Ushanka!