Thursday, July 02, 2015

Figuring Out Putin UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 6.12.15 1pm]

This post was inspired by these two recent articles:
LA Times: Putin, once critical of Stalin, now embraces Soviet dictator's tactics
FrontPage:  Putin’s New Russia Reeks of the Old Soviet Union

For 8 years here at Ushanka I have only seen Putin as an adversary and a tyrant.

I have based these judgements on his words, actions, and on Russia's endless desire for strong-arm expansion.

Of course, I view these with a background in national security and knowledge of world history. 

Russian Nationalism is on the rise under Putin, and because of Putin.
Putin's embrace of propaganda.
Both distract the Russian population from corruption, failed policies, a lack of entrepreneurship and innovation, capital flight, forfeited dignity on the world stage, and a primitive economy dependent on natural resources.

False-flag bombing to steer election
Jailed business executives
Pursued business executives
Passing laws to silence critics
Poisoned Ukrainian Leader
Poisoned internal critic
Murdered journalists
Murdered lawyers
Murdered political opponent
Georgia - attacked July 2008
Ukraine - attacked February 2014

A relevant super power
Owned:  15 post-Soviet states, including Lithuania.
VICE posted this update from Lithuania today.  Be sure to listen to the analyst at 8:21.  Do we have someone this serious in the US?  (Yes, that was rhetorical.)

The moment is coming when we will need to restore serious people in Washington and the Pentagon, exactly the opposite of what Obama has done to our military.  People like this guy, who understands the stakes:
If I see that the Russians are amassing their planes for an attack, I'm going to knock the shit out of them before they take off the ground.  - Gen. Curtis Lemay

Related book recommendations:
Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice (My Review)
LeMay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay

UPDATED and BUMPED 7.2.15 5:30pm:

The title of this Yahoo News article says it all:
Russia 'reviewing' legality of Baltic states independence
The article begins:
Moscow (AFP) - Russia's Prosecutor General is reviewing the legality of the independence of the three Baltic countries from the Soviet Union, a spokesman said Tuesday.

The move drew a furious reaction from Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite, who said, "No one has the right to threaten" our independence.
Tell me.  Is anyone paying attention to Russia?

And, is there any chance we can review Russia's membership in the UN, G-8 and other organizations where members are assumed to be model world citizens with credible and peaceful intentions?

UPDATED 7.3.15 10am:

Dan with the quote of the day in the comments:
The only difference between Putin and soetoro-obama are the methods they use in their application of tyranny.
Couldn't say it better.


Robert What? said...

It seems that their are elements high up in both countries that yearn for a return to the Cold War. It would give their lives purpose. I think recent US and Russian relations can be interpreted in that light.

DAN III said...

The only difference between Putin and soetoro-obama are the methods they use in their application of tyranny.