Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ukraine - The Fight for Freedom UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 2.18.14 2pm]

Snapshot from live feed:

Armored cars and fighter jets, via ZH.  The regime is threatened.

If Russia prevails, plan to see more photos like these from other countries.  But, on the bright side I suppose, you won't see any more photos like these from Ukraine...


Another video found at ZH.

Tyler there says it is spiraling out of control.  I'd argue that point.

The tanks are an escalation which is now attracting concentrated fire from the Molotov-Cocktail brigade.  The tank, actually Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), was used because of the Molotov Cocktail threat and the freedom fighters' actions were both predictable and warranted.  My $0.02.

Stunning video.

Some bloggers are saying "this is coming to the US."  I feel compelled to argue that as well.

There are two cases where America's streets will fill up with outraged citizens: 1) The Tea Party, and 2) the EBT crowd.

The Tea Party is made up of peaceful people.  I know.  I've been to every Tea Party rally and consider myself a Tea Partier.  You won't see burning tires no matter how tyrannical Commissar Obama and his sycophants get.

The EBT crowd, however, is a different story.  They are Communists by nature.  They take from others so they don't have to work themselves.  And they will riot when hungry or 'wronged.'

So saying this can happen in the US is to ignore one major difference between the Ukrainian people and the Americans:  Freedom-loving Americans do not riot.  Freedom-loving Ukrainians do.

In short, America is too far gone to rally a mob of this size in defense of tyranny.

UPDATED and BUMPED 2.20 5pm:

Comrade and hat owner Mr B, of In the Middle of the Right fame, has posted some comments below where he disagrees with my comments above.  He makes some good points.

Here are many photos from the action in Ukraine.

NiceDeb has a post on Ukraine where she shares these two informative videos.  You'll hear some critical analysis on what options exist for both sides and from Europe and Russia.

Twitchy presents twitter comments about Obama's latest red line.


B said...

I think you are wrong. While the Tea Party/Pro gun/Second Amendment folks are peaceful at their core, If pushed they will fight. And fight hard.

Instead of a semi-riot and burning tires like the EBT/government assistance crowd will bring, there will be coordinated action and troops/police will feel the impact.

Remember, the Tea Party folks are intelligent and we work, so we aren't lazy and uncoordinated like the others.

Besides, we have the tools to sting hard.

Karl said...

Comrade Mr. B! Thanks for stopping by.

Allow me to clarify: I do not see the Tea Party putting 100k protesters into a town square to throw fire bombs, set off fireworks and charge police lines.

I agree - there are people, including some Tea Partiers, who will react violently and independently when the tyranny exceeds their comfort level.


B said...

Perhaps I wasn't clear....

Tea Party folks will do everything they can to find a solution to any perceived tyranny in a peaceful, lawful manner.

It is when they decide that they have little to lose by fighting back that the shit will really hit the fan.

No one of us wants to see what is happening in Ukraine happen here. Likely the Ukranians felt the same way.

But when faced with no other options, or when they believe that there are no other options they will fight. Fight in an ORGANIZED a Pack, not a herd.

And we will prevail if it comes to that, like the Ukranians are doing there against the State. It won't be pretty for either side.

I pray to god that that never happens here.

Karl said...

Comrade Mr. B!

I think if we met at that Mexican restaurant near you and discussed this in detail, we'd come out 98% in agreement, if not 100%. And quite full too.

I think you are speaking to the 3%'ers. The people who will rise up against tyranny, push the thugs back on to their heels, and risk all to restore America as it was founded, or die trying. I have little doubt the 3%'ers have attended the Tea Parties. But not all tea partiers are 3%'ers.

I'm speaking to the larger group of the two. I see most fellow Tea Partiers as Solzhenitsyn saw his fellow countrymen who went to bed each night wondering if they would get that knock on the door.

He curses this sheep mentality as I do and I know you do.

He would explain that they might hear a knock, but it would be their neighbor's door. And they would feel relieved knowing they would not be dragged to the boxcar that night. He curses the fact that if just a few TSA-Blue wearing NKVD had been met at the door with the business end of a Mosin, or approached from behind when at a neighbor's apartment, the history of tyranny would be quite different.

Ukraine is different than the states, which is the basis for my statements in this post where I say it won't be like that here. Our goons have radiation weapons for crowd control, kevlar-clad wanna-be's who'll shoot from the rooftops, and redundant government infrastructure so a single engagement spot where a decisive action could occur is not possible. Hence my belief (granted - knowing what I know) is the only thing that can trigger a Ukraine-like event here (massive urban violence) is a currency crisis, EBT shutoff, hyperinflation, food rationing, or some other influence that drives the other half of our society to mob-violence.

Most of our half will cower behind their doors, some with rifles, and wait for the knock. Some will act as individuals or small groups and venture out to seek opportunities. I don't think there will be photos like we're seeing from Ukraine. But it will still be newsworthy.

I appreciate your comments and hope any disagreement is due to the limitations of the blog commenting capabilities.


B said...

Indeed. most of the agreement is likely me not being clear.

I dunno about your TEA party folks. THe ones here are people who are ready and able ti fight back, however they CHOOSe to see if there is a saner and more peaceable solution thatn "voting from the rooftops". But make no mistake, they are able and ready (and many, IMHO, too willing)for a real revolution.

They also realize that it will be ugly, so they are looking for a workable way that doesn't include war.

But make no mistake, most TEA party folks where I live will be ready, able and WILLING to do what they see as needed to restore the republic. Might be that people are different in different locales. Here, we are ready.