Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ukraine's Lenin Statues

The Lenin statues in Ukraine are dropping like starving peasants in a man-made famine...

Apparently there is one very large glass box somewhere where these statues will be maintained and displayed.  Or is that truck headed to Siberia?

The Workers of The Ukraine will have to unite to clear out all of the Lenin statues.

For you see comrades, The Ukraine is under new management.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Yulia Tymoshenko:

Statue pics from People's Cube.  Map from Western Rifle.  Tymoshenko photo from Doug.

UPDATED 3:45pm:

Google News:  the media, like their idol in the White House who is still voting "Present," are still unsure what to make of the news out of Ukraine.  It doesn't look like communism.  It doesn't smell like communism.  What could it be?

UPDATED 2.25.14 9am:

Lenin Statues in harmony with gravity, via MoonBattery:

60k views in 3 days.  Good.

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