Saturday, February 22, 2014

WOW via Drudge:
Mr Yanukovych [now former president of Ukraine] has been blocked from taking a plane to Russia, Mr Turchynov said.

"He tried to take a plane to Russia but he was blocked in doing so by border police. He is currently hiding somewhere in the Donetsk region."
It takes four months for patriots to depose a president who made, then broke, promises to the people.

Tyranny lost in Ukraine.

I'm not just impressed beyond belief here, 

I'm inspired.

We'll let the dust settle in Kiev and post more on this later.  We owe Venezuelans a post too.

The Liberals Progressives Communists in power and in the MSM will tell us there is chaos in the world and that we should re-elect them to protect us.  The fact that crisis-as-a-means is the Liberals' Progressives' Communists' main play against liberty won't be mentioned. 

Only in the new media of the Internet bloggers, YouTubers and Twitter'ers will we hear the fact that pro-freedom forces are facing horrible odds, yet winning.

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