Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekend Reading

Comrades!  Take some time this weekend to read these selected articles.  It is for the greater good!

David Hathaway writes at LewRockwell: Your 2nd Amendment Cop Buddy Will Take Your Guns.
Operation Patriot Crush:  We have people posted watching this place and there is not a lot of movement over there. They are lying low. That is not normal. These people have something to hide. We don't have any arrest warrants but, we may file charges depending on what we find today.
Christian Mercenary: The Magnitude of Their Power
Marxism always comes with an enemy, even when those enemies are as inoffensive as unborn children, the mentally handicapped or the elderly.
Poetry from Ol Remus:
The productive populace is abandoning many cities and some states, leaving behind reservations of net consumers skilled in grievance politics and efficiently sopping up unearned benefits. Growth in these places is reckoned in numbers of the demanding and civic-minded, meaning they're professional voters rounded up and trotted to the polls, the trip-lever that releases goodies into the trough with promise of more to come.
More on the other half of the bell curve from Captain Capitalism: The Parasitic Human Bubble.
They didn't take the proceeds and use it to improve their lives, but instead used it to loaf around and enjoy leisure.  They didn't take the government cheese as a temporary measure to increase their skills to start a new successful career, but as a way to take a permanent vacation.  And they didn't view this charity as "other kind and generous people's money," but rather an entitlement they deserved.
It could be dramatic where one day the EBT cards won't work, the TANF check bounces, or the WIC office is closed.  The parasitic humans will get upset, raid the local grocery store or WalMart before they starve, but this will only exacerbate their problems as on the supply side stores will close and refuse to be re-supplied.  Once their pilfered supplies run out, the parasitic humans will be forced to forage for food elsewhere forcing them into areas where people are more heavily armed, overly-taxed, and quite pissed off about being forced to support a parasitic class for decades.
Victor Davis Hanson makes many connections between Obama's interpretation of his actions over the past five years and George Orwell's book 1984.  At Right Wing News:  An Orwellian Nation of Obamathink.  On the IRS abuses:
It takes Orwell’s doublethink to explain how a scandal might have rated an “outrageous” before the people in charge quit, retired or invoked the Fifth Amendment, and then, after their embarrassing departures, was reinvented as an episode without a smidgen of corruption.

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