Thursday, February 06, 2014

Communism: Others Are Catching On

It was a bit lonely when we started Ushanka back in 2006.  The only people who fully agreed with us were former Soviet citizens and dissidents, and some Vietnam Vets. 

Fast forward 8 years, and on any given day you'll see nearly all clear-thinkers pointing out the Marxism. 

Allow us to clear a few tabs here.  We'll separate them with the front-placard designs for our Commie Obama hat.

First, the hippie du jour Jesse Myerson is back.  You may recall our comments about this committed Marxist just a month ago.  He published a manifesto at Rolling Stone where he argued all rental property should be confiscated for the greater good.  ("confiscated for the greater good" are my words - they just seemed appropriate.)

So now he has an article at Salon where he suggests Communism isn't what you think it is.  This is more noise from the Left to distract as they further stifle liberty and take what is not theirs.  I read the first section, where he self-identifies as a "Communist," and was underwhelmed.  He wants to split hairs over property that has a deed attached vs. property that does not.   One can be confiscated, while he promises the latter will not.  I've read every book listed at the left and know exactly where that logic leads.

Jesse, you've got a degree in Theater and Human Rights.  When will you publish an article about  North Korea, where your ideas on property ownership are practiced every day?  I swear, it seems like these whiny libs only complain about America when 2/3 of the Earth's surface lacks basic human rights.

Second, NiceDeb and Comrade ShakNbake point us to a brilliant unmasking of a commie lib who is presenting himself and his anti-gun proposals as a mainstream, reasoned citizen.  Whoops - he has attended KGB training?!

Mike, at Sipsey Street Irregulars, has penned two letters to Michael Lawlor, the "CT Governor's hatchet man on firearms confiscation" asking "How's your KGB file hangin', Mike?"  Ha!
We do have a few things in common, you and I. I am a former collectivist while you remain one, and a rather nasty one at that, if you don't mind my saying. But as an ex-communist I am familiar with all of the known collectivist lies and more than a few of the unknown, personal, secret ones as well -- the kind that you tell to yourself when you're acting out the True Believer, as you are now.
Letter 1 - Letter 2

U/T: Mike. Thank you for pushing back.

Third, our comrade Captain Capitalism has posted an excellent rant about all the things he learned about Karl Marx.  He explains how the thought leaders on the Right have failed in converting libs into productive citizens over the years.  The Captain's solution:
I suggest being mean.

Specifically, shame, mockery, and ridicule.
Well, I think we have that covered here at Ushanka.  Have you seen our hat?

Not that we're trying to convert anyone.  We came to the conclusion 8 years ago that a lib is a lib is a lib, and will never be anything else.  Sure, there are those rare few, but they are not worth the effort to find.

The Captain learned that the founder of Communism was a fraud from a recent 40-minute podcast by Stefan Molyneux.  It is good.  You can click through 8 years of posts here at Ushanka to get the same information albeit scattered about, or you can click here to listen to Stefan's podcast

Our favorite quote about Marx's family of six being evicted after failing to pay rent (27:41):
Their beds were sold to pay the butcher, the milkman, the chemist and the baker.  This is important, because Marx dislikes the exploitation of the worker's class, yet he takes their stuff and doesn't pay them. 
Do you understand this [Marx's Das Kapital] is a fat man's diet book?

Fourth, comrade Joe Dan has posted a 20-min video called The Rebranding of Karl Marx.  Some good comments about the media and Obama's 5-year record.  7:56:
We have a Communist in the White House, and we have a generation that is too ignorant to understand what is wrong with that.

If we're all talking "Communism" now, just imagine what we'll be talking about while we wait 18 months for a life-saving surgery!

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