Sunday, February 23, 2014

They Said "Enough" UPDATED and BUMPED

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 This Connecticut gun owner is leaving:
When do you finally say, "Enough," decide to sell your house, pack up your things and move your life to another state that offers more freedom and liberty?

There was no way we were going to submit to registration of anything that we owned, nor were we going to be restricted in defending ourselves by limiting the number of bullets in our magazines as a result of the state's new gun laws.

Our guns did not kill those children in Sandy Hook, and yet Connecticut wanted to punish us for it. We are cheering for those who have decided not to register and we respect others who decided not to risk becoming instant felons. Our choice was simply to leave.
As someone who saw the writing on the wall and fled California back in 2008, I say "BRAVO!"

Lets see some more stories like this.

U/T: Sipsey Street

UPDATED and BUMPED 2.23.14 11am:

 Doug posts this telling screenshot - worthy of a bump:

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Anonymous said...

Yep- got to thank NYS for passing the 'SAFE ACT'- finally motivated me and the wife to head to TX. Nice going NYS- I was a Literacy Volunteer, YMCA board Member, regular blood donor- all those hateful qualities that law abiding gun owners have and are unwanted in Progressive Communities! Pfffffffft