Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Trevor Loudon Visits Ohio

Author, blogger, hat owner and comrade Trevor Loudon is touring the Midwest promoting his latest book, The Enemies Within

He shared his thoughts with the Warren County Tea Party on the Communist movement within the US, the current state of the union, and his 2016 Dream Team.  He drew a good crowd on one of Ohio's worst days of weather, and sold a truckload of books.

I've traded email with Trevor over the years and it was an honor to finally meet the man.  He has been doing God's work in the research of the Communist infiltration into the world's greatest country.  He publishes his KeyWiki data at his blog - the deepest and most elaborate study of America's progressive filth that exists.  He is credited for uncovering the true stories of both Van Jones and Frank Marshall Davis.

Trevor is the one in the suit:

Trevor is in Ohio (West Chester) tomorrow, then on to Indiana.  He may be speaking at CPAC.

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