Saturday, February 08, 2014

A Hat Story

 Sent in by Comrade ShakNBake:
I have been wearing my commie hat I won for guessing the cuss jar in public from time to time. Usually with the obama (yes lower case “O”) placard. It is quite comical.

My oldest son generally dares me to wear it certain places. I just wish I could afford a small hidden camera when I do.

I left some guy speechless at the drugstore. This black guy (not African American, he does not have dual citizenship, therefore his is a black American) kept looking at me. You could see his mind was spinning. My guess is the hammer and sickle symbol was familiar to him, put he could not quite put his finger on where he had seen it before.

Clueless, He rather timidly asked me, “You like Obama?” My reply was “why yes I do. I like him as much as the Jews liked Hitler, and as much as the vast majority of the 52 million babies murdered thru abortion which are black, like Margaret Sanger”.

I’m pretty sure he has no clue who she is. But I bet you he looked her up.

I am going to get my ass kicked. So worth it. If you ever come out with new placards for it, please let me know. I haven’t had my ass kicked in 25 years, I’m sure those would help.

The Commie Obama hat was designed for daily wear, by patriots, in America's liberal bastions where global warming has yet to take hold.  It is the purest form of mockery that exists today.  And it is fun to watch the mental gyrations that it causes among Liberals Progressives Communists.

Sometimes it elicits shock:

Sometimes pursed lips, as if you bitch-slapped the lib mid-lie:

And sometimes arrogant disgust:

The hat has yet to inspire one honest debate. 

If you are bold enough to wear the Commie Obama hat in public, you are likely ready (and they are not) for the conversation that starts with "So you really think he's a Communist???"

Hat photos are from the hat launch at CPAC '08.

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Aurini said...

No liberal's going to get violent over the hat. They have insufficient iron in their blood, and an excess of Melodram Patheticism.