Saturday, February 15, 2014

EBT: Is It Enough?

We have a secret pact with the 'other side of the bell curve' who we sometimes call "tax receivers."

We pay for their welfare, EBT, housing, transportation, medical, child care and other necessary quality-of-life expenses.  They stay in their neighborhoods and leave us alone.

It is an expensive agreement costing "tax payers" about 50% of their income each year.  But, unfortunately, we've painted ourselves into a corner.  There are few solutions:

1) They change and become "tax payers" and responsible citizens who contribute to their communities,  or

2) We cut them off and put those dollars into ammo.

For any Liberal Progressive Communist who thinks throwing more money at teachers unions or ObamaPhones or ObamaCare will work, I say "nyet."

I can point to nearly 50 years of Great Society as proof.  If they want to argue with me and lecture me about "dignity, blah blah blah," I suggest they go spend an evening in Oakland:

This secret pact has kept my neighborhood quiet and peaceful.  I've only looked down the barrel of a gun and begged for my life once, so it hasn't been too bad.  It has worked for the most part.

But I have to ask:
Who made this pact on my behalf?

And do I have a say on whether it continues?
UPDATED 10.1.14:

DownTrend:  Dem. Black Congresswoman to Black Democrats: We Give You Food Stamps, So Quit Your Bitching!
Democrats give black people food stamps, so they really need to stop complaining.

That’s the message from Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge (Ohio)


Joseph P. Martino said...

Art, I hadn't thought of welfare as Danegeld, but you're right. And once you pay the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane. Ultimately the only solution is to stop paying the Danegeld, and kill the Dane.

MissAnthropy said...

Speaking of the danegeld, you know what happened when the French wouldn't pay the Viking ransom?

Look it up. It's where the expression "paying through the nose" comes from.

This other side of the bell curve is going to get mighty troublesome and try to extract their demands "through the nose" when the current system of fiat Monopoly money finally bursts.

All anyone can really do is be ready for it, as best you can. Just acknowledging that it's going to happen is half the battle won already. The urban hipsters who scoff at the notion are the ones who are well and truly screwed.

That reminds me of something else. In the troubles ahead, schadenfreude may well be your only source of pleasure for a good long while. Trendy urban liberals being consumed by the monsters of their own creation? That is delectable schadenfreude right there, the kind that will almost demand a cigarette afterward.

Kristophr said...

We have a simpler pact in the red states:

You stay in your fucking neighborhood, and only commit crimes there, and we let you live.

You leave your neighborhood and commit crimes here, and we will gun you down.

Robert What? said...

As I've pointed out before - when a host dies, the parasites die too. The parasites always seem to forget that. And right now the host is in grave danger of being overwhelmed by the parasites.