Friday, February 28, 2014

Ukraine - The Liberation

Putin is determined to "liberate" Ukraine much like his idol, Stalin, "liberated" Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, among others.  We anticipate a speech soon to tell us "it's for the children," or "it's for the greater good," or "If you like your Russian occupation forces you can keep them."

From ZH - Russian APCs follow the liberation of two Ukrainian airports:

Hey Obama - how about a "smidgen" of A-10 support?  It'd take less time to push the Russians back on their asses than it did to ignore Ambassador Steven's calls for help.

Or, Mr. President, does the new conflict in Europe fit in your vision for a future driven by a Crisis-as-a-Means philosophy?

To the freedom-fighters in Ukraine:  You are 1-0.  Take it to 2-0.  Apply the same will-to-fight and the same excellent use of social-media.  Just use different tactics.  You know what to do.

UPDATED 3.1.14 10am:

Thousands of foreign troops are now in Ukraine.  We saw this photo at WZ and wondered what the ___ the Ukrainians are waiting for.  Those same Ukrainians who deposed their president with flimsy shields and burning tires.

Remember, focus on the front sight.

Permission granted!

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