Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

One last chance before the next ice age.  Today's cigar: a Rocky Patel Edge.

We're still reading about the Berlin Airlift.  It is amazing that the US, specifically Truman, had complete knowledge of the evil within the Soviet Union just a couple years after WWII. We knew Stalin showed a lot of his cards in the talks at Yalta and later, but we recall from our readings that only some (Churchill) saw him for the tyrant he was while others (Roosevelt) saw him as an ally.

Our Lend Lease material found its way in the Gulag system, and we never were paid for that billion in hardware.  And war fatigue obviously played a huge factor in how we would respond when the Soviets cut us off from 2 million in Berlin. 

I haven't read anything about ideas or proposals to take on the Soviets shortly after WWII, albeit the generals, especially LeMay and Clay, we enthusiastic anti-Communists.  We are reading about a tough Truman, but we also know he turned a blind eye on the accusations, later proved true, of Communist infiltration within the US government. 

Can anybody point me to a general or politician who argued for an aggressive posture towards the Soviet Union?  Someone who argued that risking war with the Soviets then would be better for everyone?

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Anonymous said...

General George Patton!