Monday, March 03, 2014

Gun Control Run Amok

We may look back and say this was the calm before the storm.

The body count in Connecticut's recent gun-control legislation is currently:

Citizens: 0
Law Enforcement: 0

The Connecticut legislature could repeal the unconstitutional laws now and step away from the brink.  They could end the cycle of violence, before it begins.  The ball is in their court, and no revisionist history, including taking Ushanka offline, will be able to hide the fact that the next move will be theirs.  Either way.

And they won't be able to say they weren't warned of the risks.  Just today:

Comrade Bob Owens walks us through the first confiscation,’re overwhelmed by a tidal wave of explosive sounds and feel the first bullets rip into your body. There are stars, so many stars, winking and suddenly, everything goes silent and black and your last conscious thought is a feeling of falling.
Firearms Instructor, James Yeager, walks us, and them, through the options.  All of them.

Yeager's instructor, Reid, filters out the diplomacy from Yeager's statement:

Bob now tells us that New Jersey in considering a gun ban on .22 rifles.

Anyone want to bet a Commie Obama hat that the New Jersey Governor, the Republican speaking at CPAC this coming weekend, will veto this bill if comes to his desk?

UPDATED 3.4.14 10am:

WOW!!!  Comrade Mr. B is offering free storage for CT guns for as long as it takes to overturn the tyrannical laws there.

Let me just say:  I can count the number of people I would trust with my guns on one hand, and Comrade Mr. B. is one of those guys.

This is worth the drive to Indiana folks!  Once you're fully disarmed, you can head up to North Chicago for some Italian Beef (w/ hot peppers) and a cold bottle of Old Style!

UPDATED 3.4.14 11am:

Watch these two CT bureau-douche-rats explain how the state won't pass any more gun-control.  It reminds me of Pol-Pot telling the city residents he moved to the countryside that they'd be back in their homes within 3 days.

U/T: John Cinque and MoonBattery

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Anonymous said...

CT lawmakers have not thought this through.

Found in comments…MolonLabe being especially prophetic from over a year ago.

• a year ago


How many patriots are you willing to kill to get the guns?
How many people on your side are you willing to see die to get the guns?

Perhaps you need to consider those two points before you try to usurp our natural rights.

You can’t have the guns, you can’t have a registration of the guns, and if you think the law enforcement officers are willing to die to go after the guns, you need to do some google-fu, and look into the reality of that situation.

High time you totalitarians had some skin in the game. If you want our modern sporting rifles with standard capacity magazines, and if you want our long-arms registered, you’ll have to come do it yourselves.

After all… the Cops and the Sheriff’s deputies all live amongst us. As has been so aptly illustrated in Mexico… 2:30 am no-knock raids cut both ways. The law enforcement officers won’t lift a finger to enforce this nonsense outside of hellpits like NYC and SF. They love their kids and their wives, and like to not come home to burning cinders where their home used to be.

So man up. You want the weapons, come and get them – this time there won’t be any soldiers and cops dying for you.

You’ll have to do it yourselves.

Good luck.

MolonLabe MCruise
• a year ago


Don’t mistake “tactical restraint” and “battle-space preparation” for “cowardice” or an unwillingness to act, “friend.”

We the people just finished buying 4.8 million firearms in less than 60 days, a six year stockpile of standard capacity magazines, and over 3 billion cartridges.

Do you think we bought them to register them and/or turn them in?

This is not panic buying.

This is a people preparing for war.

You need to understand a thing or two about logistics son. Sherman didn’t march through the south on a moment’s notice. A campaign takes a good amount of time and resources – but thanks to the overreaches of statists and wannabe-tyrants, the time-table just got put into overdrive.

Takes 3% of the gun owners in this nation to topple it. The federal government does not stand a chance.

How do I know this?

Go dig five holes 4 foot deep in your backyard. I’ll be startled if you don’t damage some kinda utility line in the process. You pick a fight with the freedom lovers in America, and you had better get used to not having electricity, internet, natural gas, running water, and working toilets.

The infrastructure is utterly indefensible.

The patriots in America don’t need to beat the army. They don’t need to beat the Federal goon-squads. They don’t even need to the local law enforcement.

All they need to do it shut off the lights on a dilapidated, over-extended, and so vulnerable as to be indefensible power/water/gas grid, and the “free-sh*t-army” will take care of the rest.

The guns are for what comes afterwards. The coming revolution will be fought with shovels, pick-axes, bolt cutters, and bags of cement. The “arms” dealer will be Home Depot. You’ll learn one way or another this society continues and exists peaceably only with our consent. The second we withdraw that, it will, with a considerable amount of assistance, fall into ruin.