Friday, March 07, 2014

Guest Post: CPAC 2014, Day 2

Comrade Zhukov sends two sitreps from CPAC:
The first speaker I got to see today was Colonel Oliver North. First joke is about the youth subsidy aspect of Obama care which quickly transitions into a tribute to our military with an accompanying video. Colonel North lists off the sacrifices and the warrior spirit out troops have when he says that our current commander in chief doesn't deserve to lead our military. Ukraine is paying the price for our "leadership deficit disorder". On a shift of topic, Colonel North mentions various 'social' issues such as; abortion and gay marriage and he says they are not social issues, instead they are moral issues and are necessary in the elections.
 Start video at 3:00 mark:

The next speaker is governor Mike Huckabee. He begins by talking about the importance of god in the United States' conception and if we don't let him in we could break up. In a shift toward foreign policy Gov. Huckabee says we don't have a better relationship with any country than we did 5 years ago. He addresses Putin not respecting us and how Putin only shivers when," he's outside in the cold with his shirt off".

No overarching themes so far today. Foreign policy is still a huge topic because Obama's lack of experience and international clout.


Rand Paul: the speech of cpac 2014. After looking for a seat for all of 10 seconds it became obvious that it was going to be a standing speech. The room was full. Seats were full. Empty space was full. Then the speech. Senator Paul spoke mostly of civil liberties from government an libertarian red meat policies of smaller, less intrusive government. He mentioned that we should not give up liberty for security now or never. The "stand with rand"ers loved it. rant: The crowd was a slew of Paulbots ready to cheer about anything said from personal liberties to marijuana legalization. The cult of personality the Pauls possess is pretty amazing to see get conservatives, anarchists and hippies to come together. 

People loved the hat when they noticed. Had some stupid bimbos get all uppity and I just told them to read a book. You can keep or remove the rant just thought you'd like to know how the crowd was.

Rand Paul: lovers of liberty. Basically said that he is running for president. Like a 3rd person speech. Had to stand in the back, by far the most attended speaker of cpac so far. Talked against spying. We will not trade our liberty for security, not now, not ever. Be suspicious of government. Rights are from god and no government can take them away. Stand with rand thing. Libertarian red meat.

Thank you Comrade Zhukov!

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