Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Soviet Story

Our Commie Obama hat model has shared this excellent 1.5 hour video, from PeoplesCube, called The Soviet Story.

Some parts are in Russian and not sub-titled, but this is otherwise a great presentation of the evil of Communism.

The video includes good Nazi-Soviet comparisons too, such as this graph (10:22 mark) comparing the killing efficiency of the Nazis vs the Soviets.

You'll hear how the Nazis and Soviets, both following a Marxist principle, were committed to killing at least 10% of their populations in order to rid their countries of inferior people.  For the Soviets, the Ukrainians in the early 30's were the easy targets.

The good news: this will never happen again.  (If you agree with this, you didn't watch the whole video.)

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