Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This is a tribute post to the Tesla engineers and their founder, Elon Musk.

Innovation is happening everywhere but we rarely see it.  It mostly occurs in labs, within super computers, and in miniscule increments that we never notice.  When it happens, the human race wins.  When it happens big, the human race celebrates.

Microsoft made the information age possible.
Biotechnology disrupted the pharmaceutical industry.
Glock disrupted the handgun industry.
The iPhone disrupted the mobile phone and PDA industries.
Fracking disrupted the oil industry.
The Commie Obama Hat disrupted the furry hat industry.
And it looks like Tesla will disrupt the car industry.

Check out this 27-min Tesla tutorial, and see what happens when the inventor steps back, asks "what should be?", and then steps forward.

Who hates Tesla's innovation? 
EVERY car company, including those owned by the American tax payers.
Gas stations.
Chris Christie's state, and apparently my backwards state.  (More close-minded liberal states to follow.)
Any environmentalist who knows where electricity comes from.

Tesla delivers the numbers that drivers have been waiting for (except people who go on road trips).

I now see why Apple considered buying Tesla.  Do you?

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