Monday, March 31, 2014

Article: When Obama Took a Stand

American Thinker has posted our latest article today:

It is a follow-up article to our article from last week: When Presidents Stand Firm.

These images hint at the article's theme...

From a FB Comrade:

From Drudge:

From Earl of Taint:

From World News Bureau:

UPDATED 4.2.14 11am:

Posting articles like ours elicits a variety of comments.  At least one libertarian will come in and offer a comment that has nothing to do with the article, like "end the fed" in an abortion article.  At least one Democrat (useful idiot) will hit all caps, "HE'S NOT A COMMUNIST!"   We even had a Nazi leave a comment in our article about Resistance.  Most others, especially at American Thinker, add to the substance of the article or just confirm the writer's intent.  We appreciated this comment from AtALoss:
You are quite right, this is the only issue he has ever stood firm on. Every other issue was pushed on him by Valerie and George S. and he went along. Letting healthy babies lie alone in a hospital room to die unattended will bring Barry an eternity of fiery regret that no water will ever quench. The man is the ultimate coward.

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