Thursday, March 06, 2014

Guest Post: CPAC 2014 Day 1

Zhukov reports:
Missed Cruz's speech and Paul Ryan's. Saw Bolton, Christie, Rubio, and Jindall. The timings were all messed up on the schedule.

Chris Christie:

Governor Christie came out swinging with his track record on unions with some related jokes and about foreign policy. I really like what Christie had to say on foreign policy because of the vacuum of leadership by the Obama administration. I also really liked how Christie spoke in his manners and voice.

Bobby Jindall:

Governor Jindall went heavy on education in content of his speech. He made multiple references to parents knowing best where to send their children to give them the best chance to succeed. Jindall was also really entertaining to listen to.

Sen. Rubio

Sen. Rubio made no mention to his botched attempt at immigration reform; the reason he is completely off my radar as a presidential candidate. He also spoke about education and made some references to the American dream.

John Bolton:

Walked in at the end of his speech and he was talking about foreign policy and how it should be compared to what it is under Obama. He made references to Reagan foreign policy.

Overall themes: foreign policy and education charters or free trade education.

That's all I have for now as far as updates on speakers.

Hardly anybody was there.  We sat in the dark auditorium. Bigger exhibit hall than last year too. Not as busy as last year attendance wise.

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