Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CPAC Roadtrip 2

We stopped at the Clinton Presidential Library on our way to CPAC with the assumption we'd cleanse ourselves in three days of conservatism. Then Romney dropped out and we spent three days at CPAC talking about McCain. Rule #1: Never assume.

So we visited the Shiloh Civil War Battlefield in Tennessee, where 3400+ died in two days of fighting. The picture above is the Hornet's Nest. The Ushanka is at the right edge of a 1 mile Union line that repelled the Confederates' eleven charges on April 6, 1862. This stand gave General Grant enough time to deploy two additional Union Armies for the April 7 Union victory.

Over 23,700 casualties in all, yet the war continued without any cries of "Quagmire!"

We wondered what the headlines would have been in April 1862 if today's "progressives" were there...

LA Times: Union Wins Despite Extended Supply Train in South
NYT, April 5: Union Army Defenses on West-East line, not North-South as thought
Reuters: One Man's Rebel is Another Man's Freedom Fighter
CNN Poll: 78% think war is mis-managed
President Hillary Clinton to General Grant: "We'll have to suspend belief when you speak"
President Barack Obama: "Hope and Change will get us through this war"
Analysis: Union Wins Shiloh, GOP Likely to Lose in Fall
Time: Can the Union Continue After Shiloh Losses?

(No placards on the hat in the picture. If a certain presidential candidate cannot bring himself to wear the US flag on his lapel, we are not going to disrespect the sacred ground with his name.)