Monday, February 04, 2008

CPAC Roadtrip

We stopped at the William Jefferson Clinton [Revisionist] Presidential Library today on our way to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in DC, starting Thursday. Visit us at our booth and get a close-up look at our hat!

We counted 16 staff and 10 visitors at the library. The three staff members behind the counter were all reading paperbacks when Karl stepped up to pay the $7 entry fee. We sat through the entire 10-15 minute video (despite urges to flee). No mention of all (2) of his accomplishments, but instead childhood pictures with various father figures, and his memory of Martin Luther King's Dream speech. The video shows pictures of the homeless and of hungry children as it explains the conditions leading in to the 1992 election!

Surprisingly, they have a section on the impeachment. Correction: "Constitutional Crisis". Clearly this was a political hit job because "every Democratic Senator voted for acquittal".

Most telling, the First Lady display, "The Work of the First Lady", opens with the following quote:

Hillary Clinton was one of our country's most active first ladies, fulfilling the traditional duties of the office, while assuming an unprecedented role in policy making at home and diplomacy abroad.

So, let's refer to this the next time she claims ignorance on 90's policy issues!

Karl visited the library so you won't have to! Now you can apply that $7 towards a sexy new hat, or a tasty beverage, vintage November 1917!

But if you wish to go, just look for the rusted bridge. The library is across the river from the Popeye's Chicken and Waffle House, and about half a mile from the Hooter's billboard on the 40 East.