Sunday, February 10, 2008

Karl's Weekend Reading

With the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week, the focus is on the primaries and the candidates. We'll break our rule of limiting brilliant commentary on these topics. There is nothing else being discussed!

Daniel Henninger at the WSJ on Thursday asks us to take another look at McCain, in "McCain or the Wilderness":

Conservatives, for whom any glass is always half full, have sold themselves short. Notwithstanding the moderate pedigrees of the three major GOP candidates on entry, all emerged from the debates as Reagan conservatives on what matters: taxes, spending, regulation and national defense. Most of the worrisome moderate positions were in the past.
Most of the distrust of the McCain candidacy is rooted in personal ill will. He's a hard case, and activists are often brittle. The fear is that one of the strongest impulses in a McCain presidency will be payback, and that he might sell out conservatives on taxes and the judiciary. That is possible, though by now it would require an act of deep duplicity by Mr. McCain. Here again, the conservatives should show more self-confidence.

Michelle Malkin suggests an alternative to Presidential politics in her Thursday Townhall article, "Quo Vadis, Conservatives?" Her advice, go support the conservatives in the trenches. The conservatives in the local races. The future leaders of the conservative movement.

Some on the Right advise their readers and listeners to vote Democrat or sit home. My advice is exactly the opposite: Get off the couch and walk the walk for conservative candidates and officeholders who need all the help they can get defending free markets, free minds, and secure borders—no matter who takes the White House in November.