Saturday, February 15, 2014


712-626.  That was the vote against unionizing the VW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee yesterday.

That vote is too close.

It appears the 712 employees, who make more than their government-motors counterparts in Detroit, decided not to follow their counterparts in Detroit into the pit of economic hell. 

Luckily, they outnumbered the 626 employees who wanted to pay union dues while they suffer through strikes, pay cuts, benefit cuts, and endless meetings where they are told management hates them.

National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix gloats:
If UAW union officials cannot win when the odds are so stacked in their favor, perhaps they should re-evaluate the product they are selling to workers.

Three year employee, Danielle Brunner (23) who makes $20/hr, or $5/hr more than new hires at GM, Ford and Chysler plants, explains her vote:
I just don't trust them.
 UAW must stay out of the VW plant for a year per their agreement with management.

They'll be back.  They always come back.

On the bright side, Gary Casteel, UAW's Director who lost yesterday's vote, will have a year to take a power nap!

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