Sunday, July 12, 2015

Photo of the Sabbath

As our decline continues, it is natural for many to turn to religion.  Partly for comfort.  Partly to do their part to reverse the nonsense.

I hope the current pope - a Marxist in word and deed - does not deter those who are otherwise ready to move in that direction.  This pope is God's way of reminding us that all men are flawed.  Some more than others.  Christianity is far bigger than any man.  He is disconcerting, nonetheless.

The pope met with the Bolivian president this past week, and was given two gifts: a hammer and sickle cross, and a necklace with a hammer and sickle.  No, the pope didn't reject these symbols that represent vast suffering and death as one would expect.  He accepted them, and empowered aspiring tyrants around the globe.

There was another time of tension and uncertainty: the 80's.  Terrorism was on the rise in Ireland, Germany and Libya.  The Soviet Union was an unpredictable danger while the actions of strong leaders, including a strong pope, were tearing the evil empire apart from within.  I highly recommend The President, The Pope and the Prime Minister to understand the dangers and bravery of that time.  I plan to re-read this 2006 book in the coming weeks.

The opposite seems true today.  Socialism is embraced, standards are lowered, values are diluted, and Christianity is under attack from all directions.  It appears our way of life - liberty, freedom of religion, capitalism, etc. - is in the cross hairs.  We have the absence of leadership and the embrace of socialism in Obama and this pope.  One wonders what the future version of that book will say?


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