Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Imagine looking out your window and seeing this.  Prayers in the streets. 

What are they asking their god for?  And why are they outside your home?

This is a street in Moscow.  Far, far away from here.

Never an AC-130 around when you need one.  Pfft.

On the bright side, at the precise moment of those photos, those muslims were not:
  • raping young boys and/or goats,
  • beating their wives,
  • mutilating young girls,
  • performing honor killings, 
  • attending a school that has a single book, 
  • flying planes into buildings,
  • blowing up infidels innocent people,
  • ambushing US Marines, or
  • lecturing me on how to assimilate into their culture.

Source: English Russia.

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