Monday, September 22, 2008

Mac vs. PC: The Roe Effect

Mac and PC discuss the mysterious drop in Democratic voter turnout.

Our video is based on James Taranto's opinion pieces, The Roe Effect, and later, Quantifying The Roe Effect.

His Roe Effect is based on two assumptions:
1) Liberal/Democratic women are more likely to have abortions, and
2) Children's political views are often in line with their parents'.

These assumptions lead to the conclusion we present in our video - Democrats are aborting themselves out of the majority.

Taranto's analysis goes deeper than what we present in our video.  Of his many sound conclusions, these stand out: Roe v. Wade gives Republicans an artificial advantage both in the abortion debate and in election turnout.

Here are the calculations we used for this video (click for larger view):

Our calculations do not include estimates for the number of offspring of the would-be aborted, some of who would be in their mid-thirties now.  

Supporting articles, sources and video:

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