Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heads Up, Ohio

Found this while wading through the hate at DailyKos:

It seems that a wonderful opportunity for voter registration has presented itself in Ohio. If we don't take advantage, I'm sure the Republicans will. Beginning September 30, 2008, Ohioans can vote early by absentee ballot without providing a justification. Voter registration for the 2008 election ends on October 6, 2008, thirty days prior to Election Day. The early voting period and the registration period overlap by seven days. This means that unregistered voters can register to vote, then ask for an absentee ballot and vote on the same day. 9/30 is a Tuesday, 10/6 is a Monday. That gives us five working days to drag as many unregistered voters down to the courthouse.

These procedures are being challenged by the GOP, but if they hold up in court, a well organized crew in each county could really make a difference!