Thursday, September 11, 2008

Russians go to Venezuela

President Medvedev gave the CIA some hard intelligence this week when he sent two Tupolev Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela yesterday.

Between the recent flights towards Norway, we now know how many bombers Russia has that are airworthy.

The strategic bombers will be used to fly patrols in the Pacific and Caribbean, and may be used to escort commie Chavez into the Caribbean. They are expected to return in mid-September.

NATO planes accompanied the bombers to Venezuela on their 13-hour flight.

We suspect the recent Russian bomber activity is a secret intelligence effort to get close-up shots of the F-16.

Media: CNN International, and Russia's loyal Novosti.

UPDATE 9.14: IBD has a good editorial on this topic, including the fact that 64% of US oil imports come through the Caribbean. Also:

He's [Chavez} also succeeded in getting the Russian navy to conduct exercises with Venezuela rather than just make a port visit.
The Russians have little respect for Chavez, but their anger over the U.S. missile shield treaty with Poland and the U.S. Navy's relief mission to Georgia coincide their interests with his.
This threat to sea lanes will increase the burden on U.S. forces who must monitor the new activity. It also underscores how important it is for Congress to permit new drilling for reasons of national security. If Russia can gain control of 25% of Europe's oil just by menacing Georgia, it could get an even more impressive return in the Caribbean.

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