Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The MSM Decline

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds comments on the latest bad news from the gods of bad news:

A GLOOMY LOOK AT THE NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY: "The resulting dynamic is a value-destroying feedback loop: Declining ad revenue and readership necessitates cost-cutting. Cost-cutting inevitably affects content. Diminished content, whether real or perceived, alienates readers, who become more likely to cancel their subscriptions and seek out alternative news sources. This accelerates the migration of readers to online sources and the decline in ad revenue, which will necessitate even more cost-cutting. We think the cycle will feed on itself."

Stop the cycle of bias!!

We just have an MBA and 15 years of business experience, so the MSM executives can ignore our naive opinions here, but... why not replace your editors with business people (yes, people with no media experience) with compensation based on results instead of intentions, remove your editorials from your front pages and news broadcasts (that means stop the endless "polls"), and fill the other 23 hours a day with stories about productive Americans (not government employees, trial lawyers, "activists", etc.), and see what happens.

In other MSM news today, US Weekly is offering to extend subscriptions for outraged subscribers. Michelle Malkin has the scoop.
Here is a link to our post on the subject.