Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lipstick on a Socialist

The lipstick chatter continues, but finally in the most critical aspect of this election - the Democrats' socialist inspirations.

Doug Giles at Townhall writes today, You Can Put Lipstick on a Socialist - But He's Still a Socialist.

In a list of places the Obama campaign has aplied lipstick, he finishes with these:

They’ve lipsticked his proposed “universal voluntary public service.” Sounds strangely involuntary to me. Sounds like if you take cash from the government then the government officially becomes your pimp. Pass the lipstick. Also, pastors, you might want to think twice about taking cash from the government if Obama becomes president. Achtung, baby.

They’ve lipsticked Obama’s supporters by downplaying endorsements from the Black Panthers, Hamas, Fidel Castro, the Chicago Young Communist League, The Communist Party USA (they can’t officially endorse anyone, but they sure think he’s yummy!). The dudes from The Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism likey the Jobama ticket, and the race baiter Jeremiah Wright still digs him. Across the pond the Party of European Socialists, Libyan leader Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi, and of course MTV’s British splooged hair VMA host Russell Brand thinks he’s just cricket, baby! I have two words for this obfuscation: lip stick.

U/T's to Doug for article, and Ronny Gordon for cartoon (@ American Thinker)