Friday, September 26, 2008

Pre-Debate Thoughts

Stalin never had to work under this much stress! Except maybe when the Germans were outside Stalingrad.

Obama planned on three days in sunny Florida to learn prep for a debate on foreign policy. Instead, McCain suggested they go together to Washington to join their fellow senators in addressing what some have called the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Why not? It's what they're both paid to do.

Obama declined, and offered to be on call if needed. From Florida.

Then the President goes and invites them both. Obama has to put his foreign policy work aside, and has to learn prep for the meeting in the White House.

We think he must have been overwhelmed in that meeting, much like we would be if we were standing over an open heart surgery and the doctor tells us to take over so he can go to Florida for three days...

There were people there who were ready to work. Serious people. And they shouted at each other too! Add to that, no campaign staff to kiss his a*s and hang on his every, uh, word. It would have been interesting to ask him at that moment if he would rather be visiting our wounded troops.

We will be watching the debate tonight to gauge Obama's confidence and energy levels. Since it is Friday night, we may invent a new drinking game: One shot for every "uh".

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