Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Campaign Time-Out

The blogs are full of comments about who called who first. Who organized with who. Who's leading and who's waffling. If not this Friday, when?

From the Conservative Corner, Duane R. Patterson at the Hugh Hewitt blog has the best comments:

Whatever bailout plan gets implemented, if there is one, either Senator McCain or Senator Obama is going to have to deal with the results of it. Both are sitting U.S. Senators, and have the ability to help craft and negotiate the language of the bill. Obama would have you believe that it's important , but not enough so of a crisis for him to have to go to Washington and actually serve in his current role as Senator. John McCain recognizes the magnitude of the crisis, and wants to actually do what he can to improve the language.

The freaks at DailyKos produced the image below, along with these comments:

Clearly McCain is afraid to appear at the debate without Palin.
All McCain's got are these cheap stunts. See "Sarah Palin."
He wants to cancel the debate now that issues have become, well... issues!
He preferred it when it was all about swine and cosmetics.
I think that Obama and the Dem's best move is to immediately attack McCain for trying to inject Presidential politics into the economic crisis and into the proceedings trying to work out a solution.
I think it's essential that Dems follow the lead set by Reid in his statement and aggresively work to grab the initiaive on this issue, shape public opinion on it right away, and point out that this is a shameless political stunt by McCain.
The McCain campaign must have seen something really, really bad in their debate prep to pull this stunt.
It's time to move in for the political 'kill'.

Our $0.02: A debate is a couple hours long. It is the debate prep that is the burden on both candidates. But why prep? Shouldn't they have their positions firmly expressed by now, after all these speeches, ads and commercials? We have two suggestions: 1) Have the debate moved to Washington where they will both be. They can break away for a couple hours. 2) Second, change the debate topic from foreign policy to the bailout topic, and demand specific answers as to what each of them will do to solve it. Without the benefit of hindsight. One of these guys will be our leader. This debate scenario will expose the best leader.

I didn't make anybody happy with this post, did I?

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