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Censorship: Election Prep 2016 UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 6.3.16]

Last August I saw social media start a trial-run at censorship.  I wrote:
In Obama's America, some free speech is more free than other free speech. And the free speech that exposes the vacuousness of liberalism is free speech we can do without.
That was in response to three censorship attacks by liberals.  Just.  That.  Week.

I suspect those were trial-runs in preparation for Election Year 2016.  A year ago the world had already seen six years of Obama failures, and even the dumbest liberals and most loyal Marxists could conclude 2016 was going to be a blowout.  If it were fair.

Enter Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etal.  The top social sites on the planet, all led and staffed with hippie-dippy power-hungry pinko commie libs.  You must talk about what they want you to talk about.  Speak as they want you to speak.  Or, you'll  suffer the 21st Century equivalent of losing your Communist Party membership and the extra rations that go with it: the suspended or disabled account.

The knock on the door, exile, labor camps and worse come later, after Hillary and/or Bernie find themselves forced to use those methods to distract from their failed policies.  See Venezuela.

Today I report the silencing of four more conservatives.  All four are Ushanka comrades, which means they are influential, dynamic thought-leaders in today's conservative movement.  They speak the truth and are angry at the decline caused by Communist inspirations.  (I'd expect Ann to defer any leadership credit, as she 'pushed away from the political table' several years ago in addition to her tax strike.  Yet I'd argue that that is leadership.  Agree to disagree...)

Davis Aurini, Stares at the World

Davis's YouTube account is under lock-down.  He is restricted now in what he can post.  He explains the situation in his May 26 post:  Am I Being No-Platformed by YouTube and Google?
On the one hand, I’m a small fry; one voice amongst many, whose subscribership is low enough that they can shut me down without making a stir.  On the other hand, I’m dangerous; Immersed in Subversion was precisely what they were worried about: instead of an angry rant by an autistic CoD fanboy, it was an insightful expose of how their side works.  In addition, I keep bringing the fight to them.  Call it Weaponized Philosophy, or the Righteous Truth; what I’m selling makes them sicker than rat poison.
I’m getting flack; that means I’m over the target.
Be sure to read his June 1 post too:  This is How the First Amendment Dies, where he comments on Europe's new "Code of Conduct" rules for social media.
We are constructing a prison planet, one cell at a time, a world dedicated to hedonistic pleasure and emotional misery, a world of spiritual destruction; and the majority of the population is okay with this.

Ann Barnhardt

Ann's reports the assault on her speech in her May 24 post: Barnhardt’s Latest Video Banned by YouTube for NUDITY!!

Nudity?!  Here is a screenshot from the violating video:

YouTube removed her video, Diabolical Narcissism, from her channel.  This was a video project of Ann's that took over a year to put together.  It lasted 13 days.  When she posted the video on May 11th, she did so with this warning:
As always, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE MIRRORING AND REPUBLISHING MY VIDEOS.  I make these things so that the information can get out into the world.  There is no copyright concern here.  And, as we learned from the Islamic Sexuality video presentation which was censored and scrubbed by YouTube from my channel, the best protection against censorship is mirroring and republishing these videos.  So have at it.
How prescient.  If you are not aware of her other predictions from a year ago, you may want to sit down.  SIT DOWN!  And read them here.

How will your life change if her predictions (the four of the twelve that haven't happened yet) come true?

Her post has three such copies of the video.  I have downloaded a copy for safe keeping.

Aaron Clarey, Captain Capitalism

Comrade Clarey decided his 72-hour Facebook timeout isn't enough.  He suggests they stop seeing each other for two weeks.  His June 1st post:  Dear Facebook, I Think It's Time We Took a Break.
My use of the word "faggot" (which I can only surmise is why you wanted to not see me for those ponderous 72 hours, but you won't tell me) wasn't a slander against gays (of which you KNOW I'm pro-gay and pro-gay marriage), as much as it was leftist faggoty pussies that are destroying our nation.
Check out the comments at his post.  Many are dropping Facebook and returning to a life of real friends and activities.  Smart.

Chris Betchloff, TheBechtloff

Mr. Bechtloff's Facebook account was suspended so many times in recent weeks that he has since abandoned that account and started a new one.   Like Clarey, his liberal application of the word "faggot" has created quite a stir among the staffers at Facebook.

Both videos linked above (Davis' and Ann's) are hosted, temporarily, by someone other than the author.

In other words, every attempt to silence conservatives, to date, has failed.

All four comrades spend their own funds to cover their Internet activities, and these bullshit censorship interruptions hurt their bottom line.  They all have "donate" options on their sites.  Please consider throwing some support their way, and consider following their blogs/channels.

And yes, all four are owners of Glorious Hat.

UPDATED 6.4.16 9am:

Comrade Aurini posts an update: he's moving to another platform.  Leading.
The crackdown is coming.
UPDATED 6.11.16 11am:

This week we learned more about Google.  Not only are they silencing the key conservative voices on YouTube,  they have also been manipulating search results to steer public opinion for Hillary.

Breitbart has the story, and shared this excellent video summary:

If deleting videos and YouTube accounts, and ranking search results on something other than search engine activity is going on today, what will we see in October when they are desperate?

I suggest you back up everything.  Everything.

UPDATED 6.12.16 3:45pm:

About 10 hours after the Orlando terrorist attack that killed over 50, FB takes down Pamela Geller's SIOA (Stop Islamization in America) page:

I was just able to connect to it.  Back up, I guess.  Link

Correction: it wasn't the SIOA page that was removed, it was the SIOA group.  The group is back up, but I was told all new posts were under review.  For those who've read 1984, the term is "Newspeak."

UPDATED 6.13.16 5pm:

Another post-Orlando censor.  This time Twitter:
Breitbart:  Game Developer Mark Kern Banned On Twitter For Saying Radical Mosques Should Be Surveilled
Did you do your backups yet?  External drive.  Disconnected?

UPDATED 6.15.16 1:30pm:

Twiiter shut off a gay Trump supporter's account today.  They restored it a bit later.  Breitbart has more.

UPDATED and BUMPED 8.2.16 8am:

The Democrats are polling poorly, so the censorship must continue.

Citizens: do not comment on actual events until your betters have approved discussion on said events.

The latest: Michael Savage commented on the Muslim murder of a pregnant woman in Germany.  WND:
Facebook has temporarily blocked talk-radio host Michael Savage from posting stories to his page after he put up a link to a story about a Muslim migrant killing a pregnant woman in Germany.

A message from the social media giant on Savage’s page said: “You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature.”


The article linked by Savage was about a pregnant woman in Reutlingen, Germany, who was hacked to death with a meat cleaver by a 21-year-old Syrian refugee.

On his show Monday, Savage chastised Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, saying he “doesn’t care about my audience.”

“He doesn’t care about the audience of conservatives. He’d rather you all drop dead and go home,” Savage said.

How long will this post be by November 8th?

UPDATED 8.29.16 10am:

The libs are eating their own now! 

David Seaman used to write for the Huffington Post.  They deleted two of his posts that shared the same topic: Hillary's Health.  And they've removed his publishing rights. 

David explains in this video.


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