Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ann Barnhardt's Predictions II

Comrade Ann Barnhardt joined Comrade Andrea Shea-King this week for a BlogTalk Radio interview

Andrea asked Ann to explain her predictions in detail - predictions I dedicated a post to just last month.

I'd suggest you listen to the whole one-hour interview, but jump forward to the 46-minute mark to hear this discussion.  You'll hear about Martial Law, the suspension of the Constitution, and about "full blown civil war."

Ann also added a prediction to her original eleven - #12 below.  Now there are 8 predictions that have come true, and four that she still expects.

Predictions that have come true or are in progress:
1.  Caliphate
2.  Cloward-Piven
3.  Inflation (food)
4.  Universal Health Care
5.  Open Borders
6.  Criminalization of Christianity
7.  Civil Unrest (racial)
8.  End of Rule of Law
Predictions still expected in the next 614 days:
9.    Nuclear War in the Middle East
10.  Obama is Assassinated
11.  Chinese "Peacekeeping" Troops Deploy in North America
12.  Seizing of Retirement Accounts
Have you considered how your life would change if just one of these remaining predictions were to occur? 

Check out my Obama Checklist where I track a similar list of predictions.

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