Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ann Barnhardt's Predictions

If you noticed a cavalier attitude towards the Ferguson and Baltimore class-warfare race riots here at Ushanka, it is because this has all been part of the plan.

Ushanka Logic 101:
Premise #1: Democrats are driven by Communist inspirations,
Premise #2: Civil unrest is one tactic in the Communist takeover strategy,
Fact:  Civil unrest will occur where Democrats rule and where their voters live.
Hence, my less-than-serious reactions to Ferguson and Baltimore.

Those familiar with Ushanka know that I refrain from predictions.  First, offering a prediction on a blog is different than with, say, a cigar buddy.  It's just talk with the buddy.  It is permanent in a blog.  And being a product of the public school system, I know I would be wrong more than half the time.  Besides, how do you top the ultimate prediction: The Commie Obama Hat?  At least I can say I got one right.

Last, I seek out fellow bloggers who are a) honest, and b) bold.  (See blogroll at left)  Even better, if c) they know their history and d) make educated predictions from that knowledge.  Of these, one stands out: Ann Barnhardt. 

Ann posted yesterday that she is 8 for 11 in predictions, and that she stands by the remaining three.  Here are the eight that proved correct:
1.  Caliphate
2.  Cloward-Piven
3.  Inflation
4.  Universal Health Care
5.  Open Borders
6.  Criminalization of Christianity
7.  Civil Unrest (racial)
8.  End of Rule of Law
I would assume most of these are obvious to anyone who has been paying attention.

I think #6 has a ways to go, but I also suspect Ann is looking at the forced funding of abortions by tax-payers as proof of this prediction.  She would be right so far as there are no other religions that claim rigid anti-abortion views.  Right?

Here are Ann's remaining predictions:
9.    Nuclear War in the Middle East
10.  Obama is Assassinated
11.  Chinese "Peacekeeping" Troops Deploy in North America
Go through her old posts and videos to hear her back up and explain each and every prediction in detail.

Her advice has not changed over the years:
When I tell you people to be buying LONG GUNS and ammo, I’m not kidding. Assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition...

Click over to read her full post, assuming any of this is important to you.

UPDATED 5.1.1511:30am:

Comrade Diann has a post over at PatriotReport - same 'part of a plan' theme, but with a focus on the Baltimore riots.  With video.

Updated 5.16.15:

Ann adds a prediction.

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